Friday, June 10, 2011

Missing Time to Paint

Well, it's Paint Party Friday and I don't have anything to submit.  We're still unpacking, but on top of that it has been one of the busiest couple of weeks of the year.  The warmer weather brought with it barbecues, camping, graduation parties, baseball games, longer hours at work (boo!).  Apart from work, all the activities have been wonderful but I just don't feel like myself when I don't get to paint or draw or scrapbook or bake...I have to do something creative to keep myself in balance.  So the plan is to get my new painting nook set up Sunday - I will post pictures - and get painting this week! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My husband and I moved this past weekend from an itty bitty apartment to a nice sized home.  The move went well in spite of the strong thunderstorms and flood warnings.  lol.  Now on to the furnishing!  The good news is that all of our furniture is at the new place.  The bad news is that there is so much to set up and to clean that it will probably be a couple of weeks before I get to settle down and paint.  Maybe I'm panicking and I'll be able to work on some before then, but it feels like it's going to take forever.  We're enjoying setting up the new place though and I get a little studio in the basement!!  I'm going to need to get some OttLites to bring in natural-ish light to the dark space.  Anyway, I am excited to start painting again and hope to start pounding some out in another week or so.