Monday, January 24, 2011

2 of 1000

This is another sponge painting done from the book Sponge Painting: Fast and Fun Techniques for Creating Beautiful Art by Terrence Tse.  This one was a real challenge.  I couldn't get the highlights on the vase correct.  I made them much too thick and white rather than transparent and tapering at the bottom.  I tried to correct it but it was difficult.  The perspective of the lily on the right is all wrong.  I also don't feel like there is any sense of depth.  Usually I'd chip away until I felt more satisfied, but at the moment I can't bear to mess with this painting any more.  I am ready to move away from sponge painting for a while and on to something a bit more me! 

1 of 1000

I had a lot of fun with this sponge painting completed with acrylics from the book:
Sponge Painting: Fast and Fun Techniques for Creating Beautiful Art by Terrence Tse.  As usual I ended up having to improvise and muddle my way through it because it's never as simple as the instructions make it seem.  The background was especially fun to create and I learned a lot about highlights.

Paintings from 2010

I started experimenting with acrylics last year.  Painting is a whole different ballgame from pencil or charcoal.  It's messy and hard to control and time-consuming, at least for a pathetic beginner like me, but I love it!  These were done prior to the 1000 paintings idea so I won't count them toward that number.   But here they are!

This is the rough draft of a painting I did for my brother.  I did his on a smaller, wrapped canvas.  The style of the background sparked my interest in sponge paintings.

This painting was done from a set that included the paints and a how-to booklet.  I feel a little like a cheater when working on these kind of projects, but it was a great tool to learn how to mix colors, paint in layers, etc.  Gotta learn somehow!  And I always end up doing things my own way anyhow.  Maybe I don't follow directions that well.

This is a painting of a B-2 bomber.  My dad works for the company that builds them-Northrup Grumman-andI thought it'd be fun to give it a whirl.  It is also the first landscape I've ever painted...pretty obvious, huh?

I wanted to paint some calla lilies, I fell in love with them when picking out flowers for my wedding.  I haven't finished this by a long shot - I'm adding a couple more flowers and hopefully some holly, stephanotis, etc. that made up our Christmas wedding floral arrangement.