Monday, January 24, 2011

Paintings from 2010

I started experimenting with acrylics last year.  Painting is a whole different ballgame from pencil or charcoal.  It's messy and hard to control and time-consuming, at least for a pathetic beginner like me, but I love it!  These were done prior to the 1000 paintings idea so I won't count them toward that number.   But here they are!

This is the rough draft of a painting I did for my brother.  I did his on a smaller, wrapped canvas.  The style of the background sparked my interest in sponge paintings.

This painting was done from a set that included the paints and a how-to booklet.  I feel a little like a cheater when working on these kind of projects, but it was a great tool to learn how to mix colors, paint in layers, etc.  Gotta learn somehow!  And I always end up doing things my own way anyhow.  Maybe I don't follow directions that well.

This is a painting of a B-2 bomber.  My dad works for the company that builds them-Northrup Grumman-andI thought it'd be fun to give it a whirl.  It is also the first landscape I've ever painted...pretty obvious, huh?

I wanted to paint some calla lilies, I fell in love with them when picking out flowers for my wedding.  I haven't finished this by a long shot - I'm adding a couple more flowers and hopefully some holly, stephanotis, etc. that made up our Christmas wedding floral arrangement.


  1. Where do you keep the painting of that house? That's awesome! Don't think I've ever seen it.

  2. The house one is here, sitting in our study. We don't have it hanging anywhere. If you'd like it, you can have it. I do like it a lot.