Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moving On

This painting is for Wet Canvas' May Different Strokes Challenge.

The colors in this painting are bright and fun.  It is probably the loosest painting I've done so far and that's quite an accomplishment for me.  It seems like a big trend in painting right now is to paint loosely (i.e., don't use too many brushstrokes, don't paint every detail, go for the feeling more than what's observed).  I don't entirely understand the method and though it sounds easier than being really detailed in a painting, I've found it to be really hard.  I start loosely but it ends up looking sloppy, muddy, and chaotic so I end up falling back to painting things exactly as I see them.  Anyway, this is the loosest attempt I've managed so yay! For an example of loose painting, here are links to the blogs of a few wonderful artists I'm following: Celeste Bergin and Carol Marine and Pam Holnback. 

Overall I'm really pleased with this.  I did have a couple of problems.  I started the background with a more haphazard sky and when I painted over it some of the texture from the first draft stuck around.  I'm not sure how to get rid of that-sand it down before applying the next layer?  Also, I'm still trying to get the knack of taking photos of paintings.  This was taken outside, facing North, at around 7PM.  There probably was not enough light.  My camera's having trouble with zoom also so the quality isn't the best.  I'll get this eventually!

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. This is a great one - you should try to take another photo of it, though. It definitely came out blurry.

    And I'm loving the new layout and design! ;)

  2. I am actually sketching that way now. Draw what you see without looking to the paper while you do so. The results are often messy, but I like it :)

    You did a great job here :) It doesn't go about the details but I can feel the emotion of the painting, if that makes sense :)