Monday, May 2, 2011

My excuse for not having an update sooner than this....

My project for the last couple of weeks has been an 8x10 painting of a barn owl. Usually I complete a painting a week, at least, but I know this one can be better than it is so I just keep plugging away.  I am going to make my last effort tonight and then it is what it is!  There's a great community of artists at that has been willing to look at my work-in-progress pictures and offer advice.  Since I don't have any training, a lot of times I will know something is off but can't really pinpoint the problem.  Their suggestions have been invaluable and I recommend the site to anyone interested in art.  I'll post the progress photos and the final product tonight.   I really can't wait to get on to new things.  There are a couple of challenges this month I want to participate in and I'm going to produce my first painting that'll be given away on my brother Adam's literature blog: 

Also, I just wanted to thank all the people that are following my blog.  It's very kind of you to be interested in my development as an artist.  Critique and requests are welcome! 

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  1. Glad to hear you'll have a giveaway on your brothers blog as his blog is how I found you. Just wondering if you sell your works on and the like?