Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life's speed bumps

My husband and I have had the good fortune to be able to help out some family members and take care of their little boy for a while.  His addition to our home almost six weeks ago has pretty much taken over our free time and I haven't painted for fun since.  I have done some more practical painting-our bedroom is now edamame green and his is grass sprout.  I also painted some shelves for his room.  But I have felt the twinge (it's pretty much a constant hum these days) to do something creative.

On that note, I finally have a painting in the works for Adam's (Roof Beam Reader) blog to accompany one of his upcoming book giveaways.  I am so excited about this one.  It is a subject I haven't attempted but am really interested in and the colors will (hopefully) be fantastic.  I'll post pictures as soon as it is finished-hopefully a week or so.  Thanks for continuing to follow during this absence!

Here is a picture of the little boy we are taking care of.  Brennan and I have both fallen in love with him.

This is the color of the bedroom we just painted, edamame, from Sherwin Williams.  I'll take a picture of the room once all the furniture is set up again because it ended up looking really nice.

I did the shelves in sky blue but I think I need to change them to dark blue.  


  1. I love edamame! (The bean.. although, the color is nice too).

  2. Shannon, I just noticed that you are following my blog. How flattered I am that someone other than family and friends would find me interesting. But what I am most thrilled about is that I read your post. God will surely enrich your life for doing what you are doing taking care of this precious little boy. I can not imagine what has happened that this has become necessary, but it is so wonderful that they have family members like you to help them out. There are times in everyone's life that we feel there is no where to turn and what you are doing has moved me deeply. I have 2 wonderful children and 2 granddaughters with another on the way and then a biological daughter I gave up for adoption long long time ago when it was not good to be an unmarried young woman. Life sometimes hands us lemons and then you make lemonade, but if it weren't for an occassional neighbor to loan you that cup of sugar we would never have had that lemonade...

    Thank God for my biological daughter's adoptive parents. I will forever be indebted to them for loving her the way they did and guiding her into the young woman she is today. There was a Happy ending to my story because I met her 16 years ago along with her family and we are all very close still to this day... So what is my point? Only to tell you that people like you and your husband are one in a million. I hope that you enjoy each moment that you have with this little guy, and you may not get to paint every day, but pick up a pencil and sketch pad and draw draw draw, the painting will come later, what your doing right now is so very important and rewarding.

    Thank you for following me or I would have never been able to witness your wonderful story... May God Bless you.

  3. Dying to see the photo of the edamame room. Thinking of using it in a powder bathroom? :)

    1. I will get a picture of this room up today! Sorry about the delay. :)