Sunday, October 2, 2011

Different kind of crafting!

I've been working on a couple of random paintings but they're coming along slowly.  The next ones I plan on finishing will be for the joint book/painting giveaway mentioned in the previous post.  While I read Dracula and Dante's Inferno, I have to keep those creative juices flowing!  So for my dad's birthday present, I made some scrapbook pages and had them laminated for him to use as placemats.  Here are the images!


  1. You've inspired me to get to my scrapbooking!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

  2. I am sure your dad loves them. What a special, meaningful gift for him! :) Happy PPF!

  3. Oh wonderful idea, bet your dad will love it!!!!Deb

  4. Thanks for the comments! He seemed to like them. :D I haven’t scrapbooked in a couple of years but it was a lot of fun. I think I am going to try and squeeze in some autumn-themed pages this month and laminate them to make placemats for myself.

  5. How's the reading going? I'm about half-way through Dracula. Trying to read as quickly as I can so I know for sure that I'll be able to finish both (I fear Inferno might be slow-going) and Rick Riordan's new book, Son of Neptune (the 2nd in the Heroes of Olympus series) came out yesterday - so I definitely want to read that ASAP too!