Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloom True with Flora Bowley art course

I am so excited about the Bloom True with Flora Bowley online art course I’m taking.  It begins today, runs five weeks, and is all about painting from the heart, using intuition, and letting go of expectations. 

Lately I've lost the energy to create and inspiration seems to run in the opposite direction.   Every painting I attempt fails.  I redirected that need to work with my hands into other venues like scrapbooking, baking, or doing crafts with Theo, but I miss painting.   I think that taking care of Theo, who is the most wonderful little boy and is a source of a lot of happiness for Brennan and me, brought a lot of unwanted attention and judgment on our family.  I don’t like being the center of attention, conflict and confrontation makes me really uncomfortable, and by taking in Theo we put ourselves right in the middle of a very complicated and sad situation.  The drama within the family, the pressure to please everyone in a situation where it isn’t possible, the questions, the financial cost, it became too much.  To enjoy painting I need to be in the moment, trusting myself, focused…I just haven’t been able to do that with everything else going on.

This course will help me get back in the groove of painting.  Playing with paints, colors, textures, getting messy, exploring the mind, body, spirit connection is going to be so much fun!   I will post pictures of my progress through the course and I encourage anyone who has put their own creativity on the backburner to find a way to jump back in.  We’re worth it!


  1. You're a week in - show us what you got!!

  2. I will try and add some in-progress pictures tonight. It's hard to trust the process and not freak out about how the paintings are developing. They are chaotic and not very pretty.... it's an uncomfortable way to paint for me but I guess that's the point. To learn how to have fun and let go without thinking or worrying or having expectations.