Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bloom True painting class.

I took an online painting class called Bloom True taught by Flora Bowley.  It was all about painting freely, intuitively, from the heart.  I'm analytical and critical in my painting, at least I have been in the past, so this class was really outside my comfort zone.  In fact, the class was technically over in March and I am still working on the canvases.  But it was so inspirational and FUN! 

We put down layer after layer of color without thinking about the end result, without expectations or a plan.   We also alternated warm and cool colors in the beginning to avoid muddiness.

There were many layers like those above and then we added symbolism - again just following our heart and not putting too much thought into it. 

Those two shapes a little down and to the left of the middle represents hummingbirds. They're supposed to be tenacious, protective, stronger than they look.  And their wings beat in the shape of the infinity symbol so they also represent eternity.    

Some close ups!

I am not finished yet...I have no idea when it'll be finished or how it'll look.  I have another canvas I'm still playing with too.  But painting this way is so freeing and scary.  I loved it.  Thanks Flora!

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  1. Oh Shannon, I love your painting! The colors are so soft and dreamy. It was a great workshop, wasn't it!? I started 3 new paintings a few weeks ago. They are now on their 6th layer I think. It is very freeing to paint like this, I agree, and also scary. It's almost impossible to plan something, which is pretty new for me. Looking forward to seeing your other canvas! Keep up the good work!