Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ol' Melting Crayons Project

I love crafts. I love color. I love finding fun projects to do with Theo.  This one I found on pinterest was perfect!

We took two pieces of construction paper and glued them together for extra support.

We put some glue down - it was serious glue, not Elmer's. 
And we laid the crayons down across the top.

We let it dry overnight.  In the morning we melted it with my old blow drier; it doesn't get very hot and I'm impatient so I had it on high. The crayons splattered everywhere!  I'll probably have specks of color on our dining room table and chairs forever lol.

Here's Theo admiring the final project.

I figured out how the timer on my camera works and we took a picture of us with the end product.  Someday I'm going to hang a bulletin board in his room and I'll be sure to pin this on it.

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