Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Lamp from books

I saw a craft ideo on pinterest that immediately made me think of my brother.  It's a Stacked-Books Table Lamp.  The whole thing probably cost about $30.  It did take a little work - we screwed up our first effort and had to start fresh, but was fun and Brennan and I got to work together on it.  Most importantly, I like to give Adam really personal gifts and I felt like I found something he'd get a kick out of.

You can follow the link above for detailed instructions, but here we are working on it.

We took a stack of classic hardcover novels plus a couple of our favorite books (I snuck a Nancy Drew in there and I think Brennan added Wizard of Oz.)

 Brennan had to clamp the books down and drill a hole through them.
 We bought a lamp kit at Lowe's and stuck the pipe through the books.  Brennan had to try several drill bits and screws before he found the right fit.  He screwed each book into the one below.
 I cut out some pages in the bottom book so the chord would have somewhere to go.
 Yup, I contributed!

 And, as Theo would say, Ta Da!  A new lamp for Adam's desk!

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